Day 100 – Wrapping It Up

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Feeling a sense of relief, today is the 100th day of another 100 day project : Post one technical post per day for 100 days.

On the third day after lockdown was announced in Tamilnadu, I started working on this idea.

This has kept my mind occupied. I have stopped following news about corona spread to keep myself mentally healthy.

I had tried starting a tech blog before but was neither very passionate about it nor had enough time. Thought this lockdown period would be a nice time to spend time on this . I had never been very passionate about programming , just have been learning enough to get job done at work . This project helped me to get a bit deep , be more interested in programming .

I posted about things I knew little about or didn’t know at all , so that I could learn from them better. This blog though named as “” is more a sishya type. I bought the domain name because it is more attractive.

I created a twitter account ( and followed all the techies I found interesting to get ideas. I enjoyed blogging about a series on Design Patterns (here) . This was a topic I always felt guilty about not learning , now I could master it to some extent.

I also primarily blogged about the changes in Java since Java 8. Java is growing very rapidly and this blog helped me keep track of it (here).

The most satisfying part of this project was coming up with an idea for creating a command line tool for creating Java applications. The implementation was quite easy but I felt the idea exciting ( here ). I created it and posted it on Day 99.

Other than Java , I blogged on Spring technologies (here) and Angular (here) and Pouch DB (here) . Though I have spent a lot of time on this , the blog looks quite small . It is really hardwork for those bloggers creating tutorials and articles in hundreds. You really need to have a lot of passion to continue posting!

In every 100 day project I look out for the small pleasures. I got few in this project:

  • My friend reading almost every article I posted and providing feedback on it. I shared it with only 3 people daily directly, apart from sharing on my twitter account.
  • I used picocli library and experimented with creating command line applications in Java and shared it on twitter. The creator of the library retweeted my post.
  • One technical blogger included one of my posts in his weekend reading list :
  • Google and Bing displaying few of my posts in its search results. Bing displays more than Google. The below post is shown as the first result by Bing. Simple pleasures 🙂
  • The pleasure of learning itself

And the pleasure of completing 100 days !





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  1. Abhishek D Avatar
    Abhishek D

    awesome man, keep that up, I really like how you take and complete things to the end 🙂

    Inspiration for me always

    1. Vijay SRJ Avatar
      Vijay SRJ

      Thank you so much buddy 😊

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