Java 16:

Java 16 features that every Java developer should know

Java 15:

Java 15 features every Java developer should know

How to create sealed classes and interfaces?

Java 14:

How to use Records in Java?

Java 14 features that every Java developer should know

The evolution of switch statement up-to Java 14

Java 10:

How to use the var keyword?

Java 9:

How to move a file to the recycle bin?

Java 11:

HttpClient Java 11

Java 8:

How to use Optional Keyword ?

Method References

How to use Lamda expressions – Part 1

How to use Lamda expressions – Part 2

How and when to use computeIfPresent() and computeIfAbsent() methods of Map interface?


Jcli – A command line tool for creating Java applications


How to create a command line tool ?

How to create a Windows native application in Java?

How to convert Java application into jar file?

How to create a custom JRE?

How to dockerize a java application?


How to create immutable collections?

How and why to use Collectors.teeing() in Java?

The different ways to sort a collection

The different ways to group a collection


How to create modules?

How to create services in modules?

Files & Resources Handling :

How to watch a directory for changes?

How to read and write to files using java.nio.file package?

How to delete unwanted files recursively using FileVisitor?

How to auto close resources?

Date & Time :

How to convert Local Date to Util Date and vice versa?

How to calculate your next salary date using Temporal Adjuster?

How to measure time in a single unit


How to implement concurrency in Java?