Articles on Full Stack Development

Who is a full stack developer?

A full stack developer is one who can create web apps and host them on the internet.

There are so many different options a full stack developer has to create web apps.

But certain things are common.

You need to know HTML , CSS and Javascript.

And any Javascript framework .

This is the FrontEnd.

HTML is the language browsers understand.

And webapps are accessed through the browser.

CSS is used for better user experience.

Without CSS your web apps will look clunky and difficult to use.

Javascript is used to interact with the HTML and the backend server.

Then you need to know any backend language like Java and a framework related to that language like Spring Boot.

Also a database to persist data.

This is the BackEnd.

Without a backend you cannot store data on a server .

And without a server you cannot persist data.

Once you have the front end and backend ready you need to deploy your webapp on a server.

The server can be your own (on premise) or the cloud (AWS , Google Cloud , Azure etc).

This is called DevOps.

All these together form full stack development on a very high level.

There are more nuts and bolts ofcourse.

This blog (which is also a web app!) provides tutorials and articles on various topics about full stack development.

Here are the latest articles: