How to save time typing console.log() statements in Javascript?

For a javascript developer , console.log() statement is a great companion.

It helps debugging issues fast.

But typing this statement can be time consuming.

There are two tricks to help in reducing time , typing this statement.

Trick 1: Enclose variables to print in curly braces {} .

Let’s say you want to print the input to a text box to the console.

Below is a sample javascript code:

var input = document.getElementById("myinput").value;

To print the input to the console you may want to do something like this :


The first keyword helps in mapping the data printed on the console .

In the console you will see the below output:

You can avoid printing the first keyword by including input variable in curly braces like this:


DevTools automatically creates a mapping keyword on seeing the curly braces!

Below is the output on the console:

Trick 2: Create a variable globally and assign the function console.log() to it.

Create a global variable like this :

var l = function(message){ return console.log(message);};

and place it globally (outside the other functions).

Now instead of using console.log() to print messages , you can simple use l() like this :


This prints the same input as above.

Here is the entire code with the different styles:



<input id= "myinput" />

<button onclick="log()">Click me</button>

<script type ="text/javascript">

var l = function(message){ return console.log(message);};

function log(){

var input = document.getElementById("myinput").value;





That’s it!





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