How to retrieve URL and Query parameters in Spring Boot?

Let’s say you want to create a Spring Boot REST API which accepts URL and query parameters.

How do you retrieve those parameters in the code ?

By using

@RequestParam annotation for query parameter

@PathVariable annotation for URL parameter

Here is an example:

	public Map<String,String> restService(@PathVariable("urlParameter") String urlParameter,@RequestParam("queryParameter") String queryParameter){
		Map<String,String> response = new HashMap<>();
		response.put("urlParameter", urlParameter);
		return response;

The above method is a GET REST service which takes in a url parameter after the relative path “restService” and also takes in a query parameter with the key “queryParameter”

The URL parameter is enclosed in braces in the relative path passed to @GetMapping annotation.

The URL parameter is then retrieved using @PathVariable annotation which takes the variable indicated in enclosed braces as a parameter.

The query parameter is not mentioned in the relative path passed to @GetMapping annotation.

Here is a sample GET request:


myURLParameter is the URL parameter

myQueryParameter is the query parameter for the key queryParameter.

The service just returns both the parameters as a JSON.

Here is the output:

That’s it!





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