How to enable virtualization in Windows ?

I have Windows 10 Home Single Language edition of Windows Operation System installed in my laptop.

I tried to install Docker for Desktop in my system and it didn’t support. Instead Docker suggested installing Docker Toolbox . But for installing one of the prerequisites is that Virtualization should be enabled in Windows. I checked mine and it was not enabled. You can check if it is enabled in your PC by opening Task Manager and clicking on Performance Tab ( I have shown it at the end of this post after enabling virtualization).


Go to Windows BIOS on startup. (As soon as your system starts keep pressing ESC button, it will land here – I am using a HP laptop and this might be different for other laptops)


Go to System Configuration Tab


Navigate to Virtualization Technology


Press ENTER . And select Enabled.


Press F10. You will be prompted whether you want to save and exit. Answer in the affirmative.

With the new settings your windows will startup the usual way.


Verify if virtualization is enabled by opening Task Manager and navigating to Performance Tab.

You can see Virtualization: Enabled text on the screen.

That’s it.

You can now install virtual operating systems in your machine!

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